My Plymouth History

Today’s entry is an important book belonging to Jo Tatam, created by Doug Stivey, her mother’s father. He was an inventor, he worked for Radio Rentals and had been accepted into the magic circle in his youth for his escapology. He lived on Watts Park Road, which is where he heard the bombs hitting theContinue reading “My Plymouth History”

Crossing at Tangemünde

Rosemary Babichev Eight years ago I made a series of recordings of Plymothian Zofia Kulka speaking about her childhood in Poland and experiences in Germany as a forced labourer during the Second World War.  I made them into a short biography that was handed out at her funeral in 2015, but while writing up theContinue reading “Crossing at Tangemünde”

Fred Crisp Photography

The Box The Box | Tavistock Place | Plymouth | Devon PL4 8AX 01752 304774 Email Facebook Twitter The following gallery offers an exclusive view of some of the extremely rare and powerful photos from the city’s Fred Crisp collection. The images will feature in The Box’s ‘Media Lab’ gallery when it opens as wellContinue reading “Fred Crisp Photography”

War and Conflict

War is a difficult subject but it’s one of the many things that has shaped Plymouth and made it the city it is today. Although it brings destruction and life-changing situations, war is also a testament to how brave and resilient people can be, even in the toughest of circumstances. Today we’ll be highlighting someContinue reading “War and Conflict”