Plymouth Synagogue and Ripple Theatre

Plymouth Synagogue and Ripple Theatre have worked together to bring two fully accessible audio trails for you to enjoy any time during the Plymouth History Festival.

Plymouth Cemetery Audio Trail
The Old Jewish Cemetery Audio Trail. Located on Plymouth’s historic Hoe, in the
shadow of The Citadel, lies a hidden secret: The Old Jewish Cemetery. Contained within high stone walls it has always remained hidden from public view. The only clue to its existence…an insignificant door. In 2016 that door was opened and for the first time in its history the general public were given the opportunity to take a look inside. With the aid of funding from Vital Sparks and the Drake Foundation an audio trail was created in the garden cemetery, bringing to life the lives of those buried within this hidden gem. In 1740 this plot was a family garden; today it is a calm oasis that hides a wealth of history and culture. In light of the current pandemic and knowing that the old Jewish cemetery on Plymouth Hoe will not be open for some time the audio trail has been re-edited and can be accessed from the Ripple Theatre website.

Gifford Place Audio Trail
A new audio from the people who created the popular Jewish Cemetery audio trail.
Talking to families with ancestors buried in the Gifford Place Cemetery we are using these oral histories to create a new cemetery trail. Told by the families themselves, creating a sharing from one culture to another.

To access these audio trails simply click here:

Further information about these trails can be found at

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