Quiz 4 – Answers

Round 1 – The Journey 1. When did the Mayflower leave Plymouth? (3 points) 1 point for the year 16201 point for the month September1 point for 6th or 16th (depending on whether you use the Gregorian or Julian calendar) 2. True or false – the Mayflower’s passengers were all escaping religious persecution (1 point)Continue reading “Quiz 4 – Answers”

Friday Quiz 4!

The final quiz of this festival is provided by the folks at Mayflower 400, leading us into a weekend of content relating to the Mayflower in this important anniversary year. As an added bonus, they’ve offered the first 50 people to send their answers into plymouthmayflower2020@plymouth.gov.uk an exclusive Mayflower badge! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook andContinue reading “Friday Quiz 4!”

Friday Quiz 3 Answers

Round One by Old Plymouth Society Where is the oldest and longest lasting ropewalk in Plymouth? Teats Hill. It was 115 feet long, named after Thomas Teat, who was prominent in ropemaking until late 19 century. Where would you have found a Lampson Paragon System – what is it? In the Co-operative Stores, Derry’s orContinue reading “Friday Quiz 3 Answers”

Friday Quiz! 3

In this week’s quiz, various contributors to this year’s Plymouth History Festival have supplied us with questions. How many points can you score? And if you don’t know, how many can you find out? We’ll share the answers tomorrow morning. Round One from Old Plymouth Society Where is the oldest and longest lasting ropewalk inContinue reading “Friday Quiz! 3”

Midweek Quiz – Answers!

National Marine Biological Library The Laboratory | Citadel Hill | Plymouth | PL1 2PB Facebook Twitter SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t had a look at the quiz before reading this, head there now for a guess before you read the answers. Here are what those pictures we posted earlier today are, and what they’re for:Continue reading “Midweek Quiz – Answers!”

Marine Biology Quiz!

National Marine Biological Library The Laboratory | Citadel Hill | Plymouth | PL1 2PB Facebook Twitter Here’s a fun picture round from the National Marine Biological Library to keep you guessing for the next few hours (you may find clues for one or two of them on their website too!). Answers will be published tomorrowContinue reading “Marine Biology Quiz!”

Friday Quiz 2 Answers

That was a tricky one, wasn’t it! If you haven’t taken yesterday’s quiz yet, head there quick before you see the answers… If you have, here are the solutions. Did you get full marks? Let us know how you did on Twitter and Facebook! You can find out more about Plymouth After Dark in PlymouthContinue reading “Friday Quiz 2 Answers”

Friday Quiz! 2

Plymouth After Dark Facebook Lockdown Musicians Initiative Welcome back to the quiz that keeps on quizzing. How did you find last week’s wordsearch? This week we’re testing you again with a set of 25 questions and have Tony Davey, The Box‘s mine of local history trivia as your Quizmaster. You can listen to the questionsContinue reading “Friday Quiz! 2”

Friday Quiz 1 Answers

How many Plymouth places did you find in Devon Family History Society’s fiendish wordsearch? All the answers are highlighted here: A DEVON PORTRAIT Outside the big stone house, a sign depicting a bull pointed me to the butcher’s shop within. Should I have beef for dinner, or turkey, ham? It must be fresh, as hamContinue reading “Friday Quiz 1 Answers”

Friday Quiz! 1

Welcome to a regular feature of Plymouth History Festival 2020 – the Friday Quiz! Challenge yourself and your friends and see who gets the highest score, with fiendish questions and challenges posed by our contributors. Questions will be put out on a Friday evening, with the answers coming out the following morning at 10am. OurContinue reading “Friday Quiz! 1”