Voyage of the Beagle: A Few Facts

During the five-year Beagle expedition, Darwin shipped home 1,529 species preserved in spirit and 3,907 labelled skins, bones and other dried specimens. In 1833, Darwin inadvertently ate a new bird species for Christmas dinner on the Beagle. When he realised, the leftovers were immediately preserved and sent home. They were later named after Darwin asContinue reading “Voyage of the Beagle: A Few Facts”

10 Pirate Facts

How much do you really know about pirates? Here are some fascinating facts for you! 1. The idea of buried treasure is mostly a mythical one which is romantically portrayed in books such as Treasure Island. However, one pirate who was known for burying his treasure was Captain Kidd – it is believed he mayContinue reading “10 Pirate Facts”