Family Colouring Challenge

Adam Endacott Colouring Tablecloth Adam, a BA (Hons) Illustration graduate from Plymouth College of Art and Design, designed a colouring tablecloth of famous Plymouth landmarks. He has very kindly shared with us a few of the designs that feature on it, which you can download and print out to colour in with all the family!Continue reading “Family Colouring Challenge”

10 Pirate Facts

How much do you really know about pirates? Here are some fascinating facts for you! 1. The idea of buried treasure is mostly a mythical one which is romantically portrayed in books such as Treasure Island. However, one pirate who was known for burying his treasure was Captain Kidd – it is believed he mayContinue reading “10 Pirate Facts”

Family Pirate Activities

If you have some time and some craft materials at home, why not try some pirate-themed activities this weekend? We’ve pulled together a few links to help spark some ideas and provide you with some templates and resources. Pirate-themed arts, crafts, games, recipes and more Printable Pirate Hats Pirate Hat Template Five Different Ways toContinue reading “Family Pirate Activities”