Mayflower: The Living Legacy

The Box The Box | Tavistock Place | Plymouth | Devon PL4 8AX 01752 304774 Email Facebook Twitter Although the Mayflower left Plymouth on 6 September 1620, its legacy can still be seen in the city today. 400 years on, we have Mayflower Street, several roads in Eggbuckland named after some of the ship’s passengers,Continue reading “Mayflower: The Living Legacy”

Mayflower: Did You Know?

Mayflower Mavericks Twitter Email Mayflower Mavericks are a group who campaign for more acknowledgement of slavery and colonialism in the story of early America. They have sent us some quotes to consider regarding the years that followed the Mayflower’s journey. Connecting the Mayflower & Plymouth, Devon, UK with Plymouth Massachusetts and the start of theContinue reading “Mayflower: Did You Know?”

Plymouth 1620: The Place, the People, the Evidence

Plymouth 1620 Email Facebook Twitter To mark the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, Plymouth Archaeology Society with support from The National Heritage Lottery and Mayflower 400, have launched an exciting new project entitled ‘Plymouth 1620: the place, the people, the evidence’. The project invites all Plymouth local history groups and enthusiasts to research and share what life was like across Plymouth in the 1600s.  What do youContinue reading “Plymouth 1620: The Place, the People, the Evidence”

Mayflower: Picturing the Past

The Box The Box | Tavistock Place | Plymouth | Devon PL4 8AX 01752 304774 Email Facebook Twitter Commemorating the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower in 2020, means considering Plymouth in 1620. What did it look like? Where were the streets? Who lived there? While we have some archives about the period,Continue reading “Mayflower: Picturing the Past”

Marking Mayflower 400

If we’d be able to run this year’s History Festival as planned, it would have been called the ‘Mayflower International History Festival’ and been part of Plymouth’s Mayflower 400 commemorative programme. Things have obviously ended up being quite different, but in honour of what should have been, we’re ending our 2020 online event with aContinue reading “Marking Mayflower 400”

Quiz 4 – Answers

Round 1 – The Journey 1. When did the Mayflower leave Plymouth? (3 points) 1 point for the year 16201 point for the month September1 point for 6th or 16th (depending on whether you use the Gregorian or Julian calendar) 2. True or false – the Mayflower’s passengers were all escaping religious persecution (1 point)Continue reading “Quiz 4 – Answers”

Week Three Highlights

We can’t believe this year’s extraordinary History Festival is nearly over! Thank you so much for joining in, whether by reading articles, watching videos, scrolling through online exhibitions or commenting and sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter. This week we started off with a weekend of nautical content and went on to cover suchContinue reading “Week Three Highlights”

Friday Quiz 4!

The final quiz of this festival is provided by the folks at Mayflower 400, leading us into a weekend of content relating to the Mayflower in this important anniversary year. As an added bonus, they’ve offered the first 50 people to send their answers into an exclusive Mayflower badge! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook andContinue reading “Friday Quiz 4!”

A Potted History of Marjon

Plymouth Marjon University 01752 636700 Derriford Road | Plymouth | Devon | PL6 8BH Most Plymothians know Marjon. Many will have worked there, studied there or used the sports and recreation spaces. Some will remember the ‘new build’ up on the hill back in the 1970s, or the new student arrivals in Devonport in theContinue reading “A Potted History of Marjon”

Pubs of Greenbank: An Oral History Project

Nuria Bonet Filella, Pubs of Greenbank Facebook Twitter If you are a pub-goer, you’ll almost certainly have a story or two to tell that could only happen in a pub. These stories can become the stuff of legends and be passed down to friends, family and punters. Don’t you sometimes wish someone would write themContinue reading “Pubs of Greenbank: An Oral History Project”