Questions Enough for a Career: Charles Darwin sets out on the Beagle voyage

Emma Darwin Twitter Facebook BlogEmma was due to give a talk on this topic at Plymouth Athenaeum during Plymouth History Festival – find out more about their history on their website As a writer, one of my basic professional skills is to imagine my way into other people’s heads – sometimes real, sometimes imaginary. AndContinue reading “Questions Enough for a Career: Charles Darwin sets out on the Beagle voyage”

Voyage of the Beagle: A Few Facts

During the five-year Beagle expedition, Darwin shipped home 1,529 species preserved in spirit and 3,907 labelled skins, bones and other dried specimens. In 1833, Darwin inadvertently ate a new bird species for Christmas dinner on the Beagle. When he realised, the leftovers were immediately preserved and sent home. They were later named after Darwin asContinue reading “Voyage of the Beagle: A Few Facts”

Charles Darwin: An Introduction

Although he didn’t come from Plymouth, the famous naturalist Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882) will always be linked with this city. He was born on 12 February 1809 in Shrewsbury; the second youngest of six children. His father Dr. R. W. Darwin was a medical doctor. His grandfather Dr. Erasmus Darwin was a renowned botanist. AsContinue reading “Charles Darwin: An Introduction”

My Plymouth History

Today we’re pleased to present our first featured entry from #MyPlymouthHistory – this wonderful picture of Farley’s Rusks vehicles, from Hayley Ferme. Hayley says I have a box of old items from my grandfather. He was Transport Manager for Farley’s Rusks in Plymouth. As you will know, the factory has long since gone. The newspaperContinue reading “My Plymouth History”

10 Pirate Facts

How much do you really know about pirates? Here are some fascinating facts for you! 1. The idea of buried treasure is mostly a mythical one which is romantically portrayed in books such as Treasure Island. However, one pirate who was known for burying his treasure was Captain Kidd – it is believed he mayContinue reading “10 Pirate Facts”

The Chase of the Pirate Lugger Will Watch

The Box The Box | Tavistock Place | Plymouth | Devon PL4 8AX 01752 304774 Email Facebook Twitter by Thomas Buttersworth (1768-1830), oil on canvas Though you see me now, the mere ghost of a man,I once had the heart of a lion.Commanding my ship, between many a shore,The ol’ Jolly Roger a-flyin’ This oilContinue reading “The Chase of the Pirate Lugger Will Watch”

Plymouth and Piracy

Dr Elaine Murphy, Associate Professor of Maritime History, University of Plymouth University of Plymouth Drake Circus | Plymouth | Devon | PL4 8AA Facebook Twitter Introduction Plymouth has a long and fascinating maritime history stretching back for many centuries. The city’s maritime history is commemorated in many of the memorials in the Barbican and on theContinue reading “Plymouth and Piracy”

Family Pirate Activities

If you have some time and some craft materials at home, why not try some pirate-themed activities this weekend? We’ve pulled together a few links to help spark some ideas and provide you with some templates and resources. Pirate-themed arts, crafts, games, recipes and more Printable Pirate Hats Pirate Hat Template Five Different Ways toContinue reading “Family Pirate Activities”

Drake’s Charter

The Box The Box | Tavistock Place | Plymouth | Devon PL4 8AX 01752 304774 Email Facebook Twitter Here’s a fascinating document that relates to Sir Francis Drake’s ‘privateering’… This Elizabethan document from city’s historic collections is dated 1587. It’s a Royal Letters Patent (charter or deed) to Sir Francis Drake committing to him theContinue reading “Drake’s Charter”