The Darling Budds of Devonshire

Ford Park Cemetery Running time: 13 minutes and 14 minutes Here’s another Budd for the Plymouth History Festival! This time from Dr Ian Hodgins of Ford Park Cemetery, who has made these fantastic videos looking at the life and stories around a very colourful and energetic Victorian doctor – John Wretford Budd. Starting with hisContinue reading “The Darling Budds of Devonshire”

George Budd

Ford Park Cemetery Here’s our third article from Ford Park Cemetery about health-related figures whose graves can be found there. We owe most of our first hand knowledge of George Turnavine Budd to Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote about him in his autobiography and devoted the better part of a whole novel to him, thatContinue reading “George Budd”

Filthy Plymouth: An Environmental History of the Three Towns in the Nineteenth Century

Dr James Gregory, University of Plymouth, April 2020 Plymouth University | Drake Circus | Plymouth PL4 8AA Email James is associate professor in modern British History at the University of Plymouth, where he leads the MA programme. The following is the introduction to “Filthy Plymouth”, with a link to the full essay for download. IContinue reading “Filthy Plymouth: An Environmental History of the Three Towns in the Nineteenth Century”

Olive Louise Bennett

Ford Park Cemetery Welcome to the second of four articles about health figures buried at Ford Park Cemetery. Olive was born in 1887 in Yarmouth, the youngest of 3 daughters of Walter, a grocer, and Lucy Bennett. By 1901 the family were living in Plymouth where Walter was a self raising flour manufacturer. Olive wasContinue reading “Olive Louise Bennett”

Plymouth and the National Health Service

The Box The Box | Tavistock Place | Plymouth | Devon PL4 8AX 01752 304774 Email Facebook Twitter The archives at The Box contain a range of pictures of figures linked to the UK’s National Health Service. Here, Media Archivist Stacey Anderson guides us through a few significant examples….. On July 5, 1948 the NationalContinue reading “Plymouth and the National Health Service”

Mabel Ramsay

Ford Park Cemetery Here is the first of four essays that explore people of note in the history of health whose graves can be found at Plymouth’s Ford Park Cemetery. Dr Mabel Ramsay (1878-1954) was Plymouth’s first female surgeon. During her career she fought prejudice and campaigned for equality in medicine. Her father was aContinue reading “Mabel Ramsay”

Group Profile: Devon Family History Society

Devon Family History Society Devon FHS | PO Box 9 | Exeter | Devon EX2 6YP Facebook Messageboard GENUKI-Devon Devon Family History Society is a registered charity, whose aims are encouraging research into families and places and preserving documents, particularly relating to the county of Devon. It was founded in 1976 in the “old” ScottContinue reading “Group Profile: Devon Family History Society”

My Family History

Devon Family History Society Devon FHS | PO Box 9 | Exeter | Devon EX2 6YP Facebook Messageboard GENUKI-Devon Are you looking for help with your Family History research? Everyone has a history. Your own ancestors were alive when the Mayflower sailed – otherwise you wouldn’t be here. They have experienced wars, epidemics, changes inContinue reading “My Family History”

Darwin in Plymouth

During the evening of Monday 24 October 1831, following “a pleasant drive from London”, Charles Darwin arrived in Devonport, where HMS Beagle was being prepared for a voyage around the world, primarily to survey the coast of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in South America. Captain Robert FitzRoy commanded the Beagle, and Darwin, then justContinue reading “Darwin in Plymouth”