Plymouth History Festival 2020 – Mayflower Weekend Highlights

After three weeks of historical exploration, we finished off this year’s festival with an extravaganza of Mayflower content.

In collaboration with the team at #Mayflower400, as part of the international commemoration that is taking place, we examined the ship’s journey itself as well as the social and cultural impacts that it and the journeys that followed had, both on this side of the water and on the Native American population.

Over on Facebook, Jo Loosemore and Dr Kathryn Gray, Associate Professor (Reader) in Early American Literature at the University of Plymouth, spoke live about many aspects of the Mayflower story. The video is still available to watch.

Here on the blog we also looked at this story through a variety of means: pottery, beadwork, photography and, finally, a storytelling session.

And with that, the festival was done. Thank you so much for joining us in this extraordinary year. We’ll be leaving this site up, so feel free to pop back and scroll through whenever you like.

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