Plymouth History Festival 2020 – Week Two Summary

In the second week of the Festival we examined the many methods people have used to travel from Plymouth to neighbouring Cornwall, and then kept a water-based focus to look at the city’s lighthouses.

31/0/2016 Pic Guy Channing Smeatons Tower, Plymouth Hoe

From Smeaton’s tower what better area to examine than Plymouth Hoe and all its wonderful assets, including a sneaky virtual tour behind the closed doors of the National Marine Biological Library.

The Arts filled the rest of the week, with a look at Plymouth’s great tradition of entertainment like theatre, cinema and music followed by two days (and two pages of content here!) dedicated to the city’s artists, and the art that Plymouth has inspired.

What did you enjoy most during this part of the festival? Or what have you discovered since it finished? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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