Plymouth 1620: The Place, the People, the Evidence

Plymouth 1620

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To mark the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, Plymouth Archaeology Society with support from The National Heritage Lottery and Mayflower 400, have launched an exciting new project entitled ‘Plymouth 1620: the place, the people, the evidence’.

The project invites all Plymouth local history groups and enthusiasts to research and share what life was like across Plymouth in the 1600s.  What do you know about 1620 in your locality? Who owned the land? Who lived here? What did people do? What did they eat and drink? What did people wear? How did they socialise?

With a little creativity and technology, we are getting whole households involved during lockdown. Whether people want to write about their area in 1620 or use the information as inspiration for creative activities, we are interested in every idea. Would you like to make 1620 themed bunting or banners, produce some 1620 food? Perhaps you want to design a 1620 guided walk? All of these activities can be done from home, whilst connecting with the community and learning about our heritage.

Join us on our Facebook page to find lots of resources, information and updates.  Watch our podcast series on accessing and searching archives, find fun facts about the 1600s and discover what others are doing.

What is your idea? We would love to hear from you. 

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