Friday Quiz 4!

The final quiz of this festival is provided by the folks at Mayflower 400, leading us into a weekend of content relating to the Mayflower in this important anniversary year.

As an added bonus, they’ve offered the first 50 people to send their answers into an exclusive Mayflower badge! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye out for amazing Mayflower facts over the weekend.

Round 1 – The Journey

1. When did the Mayflower leave Plymouth? (3 points)

One point for the year
One point for the month
One point for the day

2. True or false – the Mayflower’s passengers were all escaping religious persecution (1 point)

3. True or false – the Mayflower’s passengers were all from the South-West (1 point)

4. How many people travelled on the Mayflower? (1 point)

5. Except for humans, name two other animals travelled on the Mayflower? (1 point)

6. Name one other place in the UK that the Mayflower stopped on its journey to America (1 point)

7. Show us where you think the Mayflower landed when it arrived in America by making a mark on the map below (1 point)

8. How long was the Mayflower at sea for? (1 point)

9. True or false – September was a sensible time for the Mayflower to travel from the UK to US (1 point)

10. Can you name the sister ship that was supposed to travel with the Mayflower to the US? Why didn’t this sister ship make the journey? (2 points)

Total points available: 13

Round 2 – On Arrival 

  1. What was the Mayflower Compact, signed by the Mayflower’s passengers upon their arrival in America? (1 point)
  1. What percentage of the Mayflower’s passengers survived their first winter in America? (1 point)
  1. What is the name of the Native American community who were pivotal to the Mayflower’s passengers’ survival in America? (1 point)
  1. How did the Mayflower’s passengers communicate with the Native American community? (1 point)
  1. What is the name of the US holiday associated with the meeting between the Native Americans and Mayflower’s passengers? (1 point)
  1. True or false – the Mayflower was the first ship to make the journey from the UK to America (1 point)
  1. William Mullins, one of the Mayflower’s passengers, became prosperous by bringing a significant number of shoes and boots on the journey. How many pairs did he bring across? (1 point)

Total points available: 7

Round 3 – The Commemoration

1. Why do we refer to Mayflower 400 as a commemoration and not a celebration? (1 point)

2. Why are we avoiding the term ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ in our commemoration? (1 point)

3. How many Americans are directly descended from the Mayflower’s passengers? (1 point)

4. Can you name two famous Mayflower descendants? (2 points)

5. Where, according to urban legend, are the original Mayflower Steps located in the Barbican? (1 point) 

6. Plymouth still has a great range of events that are planned for the commemoration that will take place once its safe for people to take part. Can you name an event that is taking place in Plymouth as part of the commemoration? (1 point)

7. Mayflower 400 is a chance to share and debate Plymouth’s wider history, including its status as the departure point for some of the most important journeys in world history. Name two other famous maritime journeys that left from Plymouth (2 points)

8. Plymouth has some amazing sights and attractions that we want more people to appreciate. What do you think the best thing about living in Plymouth is, so we can share it with the world? (1 point)

Total points available: 10

As always, answers will be provided tomorrow morning.

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