The Minster Church of St Andrew

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The story of St. Andrew’s dates back to the 700s when ‘a party of Christian colonisers sailed into Sutton Harbour, set their farm a short distance upstream and built their church on a ridge to the west of the farmhouse.’

The church has grown and developed throughout the centuries, although its exterior is much the same today as it was around 1500.

After it was burnt out in the Blitz, St Andrew’s ‘became famous as the ‘Garden Church’ where, for six years, thousands worshipped at open air services.’

It was rebuilt, redesigned internally and re-consecrated in 1957 and awarded the status of Minster in 2009.

You can read a really detailed history of the church, see images and a timeline of significant dates on its website.

The Historic England website also contains an interesting listing about the church. It also mentions the beautiful John Piper windows and the famous ‘Resurgam’ board that was put on display outside it after it was bombed.

Here are some images taken during last year’s History Festival for you to enjoy too.

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