Group Profile: Old Plymouth Society

Old Plymouth Society

Email 01752 227992

Old Plymouth Society began in the 1930s to save some buildings on the Barbican from being demolished, the first being The Elizabethan House. After the war, many other important buildings were bought and to this day are managed by The Plymouth Barbican Trust. In 1992, the Society chose different aims, to preserve history by holding talks and producing booklets.

The Society hold nine monthly talks about all aspects of Plymouth, together with walks and summer visits. They uphold the Beating of the Bounds as well as the
Commemoration of the Sabbath Day Fight.

The Old Plymouth Society have held well-attended talks in previous Plymouth History Festivals, attracting new members. Topics included Warship Figureheads, Myths of Mayflower Voyage and Mudge Family Memoirs. One member has always been on the committee to organise Local Studies Day, including donating money for speakers.

The society has over 200 members, and are always happy to welcome more. Ring Gloria on 01752 227992 to get a form, or attend a meeting and sign up. The cost is £10 single or £18 per couple. You can find out more about the Society on their website.

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