Plymouth’s Great War

From 2014-2018 the world marked 100 years since World War I, with key anniversaries here in the UK linked to the outbreak of the war (1914), the Gallipoli campaign (1915), the Battles of Jutland (1916), the Somme (1916) and Passchendaele (1917), and Armistice (1918).

The start of ‘the war to end all wars’ was particularly significant as it also led to the amalgamation of the ‘Three Towns’ of Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse.

These interpretation panels were produced in 2014 for an exhibition at the Museum and Art Gallery called ‘Plymouth’s Great War: Three Towns United in Conflict’.

The exhibition reflected on the role of the Three Towns as home to the Royal Navy, Army Garrisons, Royal Marines and Royal Naval Air Service, and told the story of how they became one in 1914. It also looked at the impact of the war on local peoples’ lives. 

The content touched on elements such as recruitment, conscription, the fighting, the cost, the aftermath and the home front and aimed to give a unique overview of the War from a Plymouth perspective.

If you visited the exhibition and would like a refresher, or you’re keen to find out more, you can download the panels below.

A simple of trail of World War I memorials was also created in 2014 and can be downloaded below too.

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