My Plymouth History

Today’s entry is an important book belonging to Jo Tatam, created by Doug Stivey, her mother’s father.

He was an inventor, he worked for Radio Rentals and had been accepted into the magic circle in his youth for his escapology. He lived on Watts Park Road, which is where he heard the bombs hitting the city during World War II.

Jo says
“He was outraged at the bombardment and so kept precise and accurate records for the duration of the bombings of Plymouth in the hope that one day people would see the enormity of it and share his outrage.

Do you have an object or photograph that shows a bit of your Plymouth History? Send it to our Festival Producer or share it with us on Twitter or Facebook with a brief description and the hashtag #MyPlymouthHistory.

4 thoughts on “My Plymouth History

    1. Not at the moment, Bill – this kind member of the public has only just shown it to us. We’ll see what we can do for the future. Thanks for getting in touch.

    1. Not yet! This was sent to us by a kind member of the public, although we will pass the interest on. Thanks for getting in touch.

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