Fred Crisp Photography

The Box

The Box | Tavistock Place | Plymouth | Devon PL4 8AX 01752 304774 Email Facebook Twitter

The following gallery offers an exclusive view of some of the extremely rare and powerful photos from the city’s Fred Crisp collection. The images will feature in The Box’s ‘Media Lab’ gallery when it opens as well as an interactive ‘Bomb Book’ in its ‘Active Archives’ gallery.

Fred Crisp was a Special Constable, as well as a reporter for the local newspaper, during World War II. This meant he had permission to carry a camera. 

His photographs document the destruction the city experienced as a result of the 59 air raids suffered between July 1940 and April 1944. The raids killed 1,174 civilians and injured a further 3,209. Over 4,000 properties were completely destroyed with another 18,000 suffering damage.

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