My Plymouth History

Beverley Kinsella sent us these incredible photos that chart not only her own childhood, but the history of our favourite rabbit, Gus Honeybun!

Beverley with Gus

Beverley says:

I was born in 1969 and I grew up on the Hoe, maiden name Paull. The Gus Honeybun photo was taken at Drake Fair, which took place at Drake Barracks. The date on the back says 30 June 1973. I got my toffee apple stuck in my hair just after this photo was taken!

Here are a few more items from Beverley’s collection. Do you remember having this badge, or receiving a ‘Sorry I missed your birthday’ card?

Or do you have an object or photograph that shows a bit of your own Plymouth History? Send it to the Festival Producer or share it with us on Twitter or Facebook with a brief description and the hashtag #MyPlymouthHistory.

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