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Devon History Society

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What was life like in Plymouth in the 1920s?  

Can you help put the picture together?

Sandwiched between the memorable events of the First World War and the Wall Street crash, the 1920s are often a forgotten decade. Devon History Society (which covers the old county of Devon, including Plymouth) is leading a research collaboration investigating what life was like in Devon during the 1920s. 

Through Devon Family History Society we’ve already received some accounts from members about their families. The histories include people with a range of different occupations including a teacher at Sutton High School, a Royal Navy Engine Room artificer serving all over the world, and a market gardener in Plymstock. People have also provided anecdotes and memories – either their own or told to them by an earlier generation – of playing in Central Park, tram-rides between Mutley and the town, the arrival of the telephone, deaths from tuberculosis, and Sunday School prizes for Early and Regular Attendance and Good Conduct.

We would like to collect more accounts of family life in Plymouth and the area around it. Could you help? If your family were in Devon in the 1920s and you have information, memories of what they told you or photographs about their life, then please do get in touch with the Project Manager, Julia Neville, using the address or email above.

Devon History Society exists to promote the advancement of history within Devon through meetings and visits, a scholarly journal and by promoting historical research. Membership is open to all. For more information about our activities and how to join, please see their website Devon History Society

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