My Plymouth History

Today’s featured image from your personal memories of Plymouth’s history comes from Marrick Taylor, Sales and Information Assistant at The Box. The image shows a handwritten letter from Marrick’s great uncle, Maurice Penberthy. It’s a letter Maurice wrote to home while he was fighting in the First World War.

Marrick says:

I only look at this digital copy now, as the real thing is over 100 years old and fragile. At the bottom of the letter he’s put x’s for ‘Hilda and Elsie’. Elsie was my grandmother. He also talks about a photo in the letter they took.

I’ve included the photo he mentions (Devon woodcutters). My great uncle Maurice is first from the right at the back.

He didn’t survive the war. He died while fighting at Jerusalem in what was then Palestine in November 1917, and is still buried there. He was 19 when he died. His name is on the war memorial on the front of the small church on Exeter Street (on the opposite side of the road to the Friary Mill Retail Park), as the family lived around there.

Apparently my grandmother said that her mother heard Maurice calling her when he died. She woke up at the time and went and woke up my grandmother, telling her he was calling. My grandmother died before I was born, but she told my mum, and she in turn told me.

Do you have an object or photograph that shows a bit of your Plymouth History? Send it to our Festival Producer or share it with us on Twitter or Facebook with a brief description and the hashtag #MyPlymouthHistory.

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