Engineering Plymouth

Plymouth is home to a number of feats of civil engineering – from historic landmarks such as the breakwater and Smeaton’s Tower, to more modern but vitally important structures like the Tamar Bridge.

‘Engineering Plymouth’ celebrates the city’s iconic locations in  a project that has brought together 14 regional partners and over 30 contributors, including: The Box, Institute of Civil Engineers, University of Plymouth. The finished film takes viewers on a breath taking tour of Plymouth, outlining its evolution into a 21st century city as it goes.

The film was produced by Wind and Foster productions who are also responsible for ICE’s ‘Engineering the London Underground’ and the unforgettable ‘Engineering Happiness’. It’s narrated by actress, comedian and writer Dawn French and features music by West Devon’s acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician, Seth Lakeman.

A number of images in the film come from The Box collections – you may recognise some of them when you watch it!

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