Friday Quiz 2 Answers

That was a tricky one, wasn’t it! If you haven’t taken yesterday’s quiz yet, head there quick before you see the answers…

If you have, here are the solutions. Did you get full marks? Let us know how you did on Twitter and Facebook! You can find out more about Plymouth After Dark in Plymouth History Festival on 20 May.


  1. Who was the Plymouth based MP who became the first female to take her seat in the Houses of Parliament?

Nancy Astor

  1. Which famous portrait painter was born in Plympton, set up his first studio in Devonport and later became the first president of the Royal Academy?

Joshua Reynolds

  1. Which famous explorer was born in Stoke Damerel in 1868?

Robert Falcon Scott

  1. Who stayed in Plymouth for two weeks in 1501 on her journey to become married to Arthur Prince of Wales (clue – she later married Henry VIII)?

Catherine of Aragon

  1. Which famous military officer and writer was stationed at RAF Mountbatten in the early 1930s?

T E Lawrence

  1. What is the collective name for the series of forts that surround Plymouth that were built during the 1860s, such as Crownhill Fort?


  1. In what year did the three towns of Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse unite to become one?



  1. In what year were the mighty Greens, Plymouth Argyle first formed?


  1. Which Plymouth born footballer became the country’s first Million Pound Player?

Trevor Francis

  1. What year did Plymouth Argyle beat the mighty Brazilian side Santos (including Pele) 3-2?


  1. Which tennis player, born in Plymouth in 1932 won the Wimbledon Ladies championship in 1961?

Angela Mortimer

  1. Which Plymouth based cricketer became the England Captain in 2016?

Heather Knight

  1. Which Tavistock born, former England International played for and coached Plymouth Albion to their highest ever league position in 2005?

Graham Dawe

  1. Which Plymouth boxer lost to Barry McGuigan in a 1983 British Featherweight title fight?

Vernon Penprase


  1. Which band played at Woods in 1976 two nights running (after being banned from Torquay)?

Sex Pistols

  1. What was the name of the legendary venue in Exmouth Road, Devonport that 

hosted bands such as Pink Floyd, Manfred Mann and Roxy Music?

Van Dike Club

  1. What year did the Beatles first play in Plymouth?


  1. Which St Budeaux born singer/song writer was the first artist to be signed to Ed Sheeran’s record label?

Jamie Lawson

  1. Where in Plymouth did David Bowie play in April 1972?

Plymouth Guildhall

  1. Which Plymouth born composer has a street named after him in North Prospect?

Ron Goodwin


  1. What was Devonport formerly known as?

Plymouth Dock

  1. Who were the co-authors of A Plan for Plymouth, the 1943 plan to rebuild the city?

James Paton Watson and Patrick Abercrombie

  1. Walls & Pearn, a local architect practice, designed the Pannier Market but which other iconic city centre building did they design?

Plymouth Athenaeum

  1. What area in Plymouth was previously known as Knackersknowle?


  1. Phoenix Way was the planned name of a post-war city centre street, what was it eventually named?

Armada Way

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