My Plymouth History

Today’s featured #myplymouthhistory post comes from Roderick Lampen, who sent us this photograph featuring four generations of his family: his great grandmother, grandfather, father and him (sat on his great grandmother’s lap).

The photo was “… taken in around 1951 of 4 generations of my family who all lived in Plymouth. I’m the small one with my Father, who is in uniform (Plymouth City Police force), then my Grandfather in the middle and my Great Grandmother.”

“I think it was taken at my Great Grandmother’s. I believe she lived in the Penny-come-quick area. She moved to the Miles Mitchel Estate when it first opened up for the elderly.”

Do you have an object or photograph that shows a bit of your Plymouth History? Send it to the Festival Producer or share it with us on Twitter or Facebook with a brief description and the hashtag #MyPlymouthHistory.

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