Mount Batten Tower

Mount Batten Tower


Mount Batten Tower is an excellent example of a state-of-the-art gun tower of the mid-17th century.

It’s a three-storey circular structure built largely of limestone quarried from the surrounding headland but with some use of local granite too. 

Claire at Mount Batten has sent us these wonderful photographs of the Tower and its views to share until we are able to go and visit it again.

Have you been to the tower and enjoyed the views in person from the gun platform? It’s a unique experience and a great chance to get a panoramic view of Plymouth. Feel free to share your memories with us.

Here’s a link to a detailed history of Mount Batten Tower from the Castles, Forts and Battles website.

You might also find the listing for the Tower on the Historic England website interesting.

See the Tower and enjoy a panoramic view with a difference in this 360/VR clip filmed from Mount Batten Pier.

Enjoy a view of Mount Batten from on high with some drone footage taken on a lovely sunny day.

One the images in this post features a sunset, so how about a sunrise? This time lapse footage was captured near the Tower last year.

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