Celebrate VE Day 75 at Home

With large commemoration events across the country cancelled due to coronavirus, Plymouth City Council is encouraging people to commemorate this significant anniversary at home instead. 

It’s a chance for us all to give thanks to and remember those who lost their lives during the war, and to reflect on the past. Plymouth was heavily damaged by the war. It was bombed on 59 separate occasions during the Blitz, resulting in thousands of buildings being destroyed and 1,178 civilian lives lost. It certainly puts into perspective what we’re going through today. It’s also a chance to celebrate.

A huge range of resources have been pulled together in a dedicated area on the Visit Plymouth website to help you throw your own 1940s themed party at home, including bunting templates, hair tutorials, wartime recipes and a playlist. Plymouth Dance, who host ‘Tea Dances with a Twist’, have filmed three different tutorials so you can learn some new moves and dance along to vintage tunes provided by The Drat Pack. 

A range of children’s worksheets are available to download, including rationing-themed maths puzzles, word searches and crafts, which offer a useful home-schooling opportunity during lockdown.

There are a number of key moments during the day that everyone is invited to take part in too. This includes a minute’s silence at 11am and the Nation’s Toast to wartime heroes at 3pm – to join in, simply raise a glass of a refreshment of your choice and say: “For those that gave so much, we thank you.”

Find out more and discover all of the resources available at visitplymouth.co.uk/veday75

If you host a VE Day celebration then please ensure you follow all social distancing guidelines, stay at home and only celebrate with the family or friends that you live with.

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